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Providing The Best Facilities For Better Health Of A Woman

Being a world-class health care center in Nashik, Arias Hospital offers a complete range of facilities that are essential to address our patients’ needs as well as provide them comfort with our excellent gynecology and obstetrics services.
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Inpatient Department

Inpatient department or IPD is a segment in a hospital that specially focuses on patients whose medical conditions require hospitalization for appropriate care and attention.
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Outpatient Department

OPD (outpatient department treatment) complex offers services that cover areas of treatment in obstetrics and gynecology to address and manage common women’s health issues.
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Surgery Department

All the inpatient operations take place in the surgical department by highly-skilled and experienced medical consultants, specialists, and surgeons to achieve the best outcomes.
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Pharmacy (onsite)

A pharmacy is a drugstore that provides pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by doctors. It is basically a place where medicines are dispensed and sold.
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Radiology/Ultrasonography Department

The Radiology room is designed for the diagnostic ultrasound imaging of the body’s internal structures.
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Pathology Department

A pathology lab is a place where pathology tests including blood tests, tests on urine, faeces, and bodily fluids are conducted to look for abnormalities.
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Your Health is Our Top Priority

Arias Hospital is staffed with experienced consultants and professionals to offer the best healthcare services for every woman. If you have any concerns, meet our team.

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Arias Holds The Privilege Of Being Nashik's First Obstetrics and Gynecology Critical Care Hospital

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