Modular Operation Theatre

Best Hospital In Nashik With Fully-Equipped Modular operation Theatre

Fully-equipped Modular Operation Theatre For Carrying Out All Surgical Operations In A Sterile Environment

Arias Hospital Nashik has a well-equipped Modular Operation Theatre with all the modern technologies to conduct a range of routine as well as complex or high-risk surgeries in order to achieve safety, precision, and efficiency.

We have a fully functioning Modular Operation Theatre at Arias Hospital Nashik to provide the best possible surgical care to our patients and bring positive outcomes. It is highly reliable and patient-centric.

Modular operations theaters are the modern concept of operation theaters to drive consistency and smooth flow during operations, thus reducing the risk while carrying out surgeries and ensuring patient safety and treatment outcomes. It covers all facilities like OT table with laminar airflow, AHU, and HEPA filter to purify the air within the OT, and centralized cooling system to control and avoid the growth of pathogens in order to facilitate a high quality of surgical care, and improved health and safety.

Being one of the top gynecology hospitals in Nashik, we always strive to provide affordable healthcare solutions. Our Modular Operation Theater is the most customizable state-of-the-art operating room designed by carefully analyzing the unique requirements of each OT to easily treat the patient in a single room with more efficiency. Thus, saving the patient from paying the price for different beds and rooms.

Benefits of Modular Operation Theater Facilities:

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Today, Arias Hospital is the most recognized and renowned Gynaecology and Obstetrics care centre in Nashik. We aspire to provide outstanding treatment and strive to improve the outcomes for all through our comprehensive medical services. With our four major core values for care, namely privacy, dignity, respect, and equality, we have enhanced the quality of life of millions of people through our service and helped them lead a healthy and happy life. 

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Being the most recognized Obstetrics and Gynaecology care center in Nashik, we offer a variety of treatment packages for our patients.


You will receive all the information necessary for your protective care plan as well as full evaluation and suggestions from our specialists.

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Our gynaecology and obstetrics specialists at Arias Hospital Nashik, always focus on creating a plan that addresses your specific condition. We acknowledge all your concerns and address all your questions. Our priority is to provide you with the top-notch facilities manned with a network of dedicated medical professionals who you can trust.

Yes, of course, you can visit our hospital and be sure about your choice of medical facilities. You may call and book an appointment to find out more about our expertise and services.
We have a team of highly qualified male and female practitioners who come from different backgrounds, thus adding diversity of skills and special interests to support and assist you with all medical issues and enquiries.
We have a systematic approach towards the treatment of our patient in order to ensure the best care possible.
➣ We review your medical history
➣ Conduct important tests
➣ Analyze the reports
➢ Take counselling sessions
➢ Suggest necessary treatment

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Women’s health is not only the foundation of family but also the society. The healthier will be a woman, the more prosperous will be the society. Hence, we are proud to introduce our team of professionals with a perfect blend of skills, expertise, and experience to ensure the best health of every woman.

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Obstetric High Dependency Unit At One Of The Best Hospitals In Nashik

Offering A High Dependency Unit Within An Obstetric Setting To Deliver A Number Of Advantages For Our Patients

Considering the need for a safe & memorable pregnancy journey and motherhood experience, Arias Hospital provides the facility of OBSTETRIC HDU (High Dependency Unit) being one of its own kind.

Arias Holds The Privilege Of Being Nashik's First Obstetrics and Gynecology Critical Care Hospital

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