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Obstetric Services

From the time you think of having a baby to the time you hold those little hands; we are always with you.

We conduct a range of tests and guide you throughout the process (our Obstetrical service begins even before you conceive through our PRECONCEPTION COUNSELLING till you safely go home along with your baby. We ensure that you have the healthiest pregnancy experience possible.

We conduct a range of tests and guide you throughout the process (our Obstetrical service begins even before you conceive through our PRECONCEPTION COUNSELLING till you safely go home along with your baby. We ensure that you have the healthiest pregnancy experience possible.

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Obstetrics is a field of medicine that completely focuses on caring for a pregnant woman throughout her pregnancy journey. It includes services like pre-pregnancy advice, counseling, testing to help achieve pregnancy, routine Antenatal care as well as high-risk pregnancy care, and postpartum care.

Whether you are planning your first child or are in the process of having the second one, meeting an obstetrician is important to help ensure safe labor and delivery without any complications. While most women are aware of this fact, they don’t know when should they start seeking obstetric care. Being an obstetric care center ourselves, we highly recommend setting an appointment with an obstetrician even before getting pregnant. We highly emphasize this idea because WHO reported that approximately 810 women die every day throughout the world from issues related to pregnancy and childbirth that could be easily prevented with a proper diagnosis.

Obstetric services

The idea of having a child is momentous and can be a life-changing decision. This is where Arias Hospital comes in. Whether it is helping you get pregnant, caring for you during your pregnancy, or counseling you on how to take care of your newborn baby, you have our back. Our experienced team of obstetricians is always on their toes to guide, care for, and support you throughout this process. We offer:


The care that is provided from the time you receive the good news until the beginning of your labor, comes under this service. Here we mainly focus on developing a partnership with our patient and supporting her physically as well as mentally, detecting the complications early with routine checkups and prompt treatment, and preparing you for labor, lactation, and how to care for your newborn. Modify this sentence completely.

The time from the onset of labor until the delivery is extremely crucial and care provided during this period comes under intrapartum guidelines. The health and safety of our patients and their unborn child is our first priority. Hence, we have rigorously followed all the national quality standards set out for the care of women during this period. We have a well-equipped Obstetric High Dependency Unit for the management of normal to high-risk pregnancies to ensure safe delivery.

When the most awaited moment finally arrives that is the delivery of your baby, you, of course, want an experienced and compassionate team of professionals at your site. At Arias Hospital, we have skilled doctors and a well-equipped labor room to provide you with exceptional maternity care and experience. 

Sometimes pregnancy can come with a lot of complications. Knowing that you have a high-risk pregnancy case can be quite frightening and overwhelming. But don’t worry at Arias Hospital, we have a team of expert obstetricians to support you with advanced maternity care including the latest medical and genetic tests and specialized treatment units for women and newborns.

Immediately following the birth until the discharge from the hospital, we completely focus on your recovery from birth and ensure that you are in your best health. We also counsel you about post-delivery self-care, your infant’s care, and breastfeeding with the regular rounds of our Physiotherapist, Dietitian, Pediatrician, Lactation expert other than our own obstetricians

The birth of a newborn comes with mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety. We make you aware through our counseling sessions about the problems to be anticipated in this new beginning so that you can deal with the difficulties of new parenthood at ease and enjoy this journey to the fullest.

Family planning is crucial to help women control their fertility through preventive measures and decide when to start a family. It helps them reduce the cost of unintended pregnancies, pursue their career, education and have greater independence to make crucial life decisions.  At Arias Hospital, our expert team of obstetricians guides you well in our family counseling sessions.

Recurrent pregnancy loss is an emotionally traumatic experience that requires empathy, understanding, and support at an early stage. At Arias Hospital, we carry out prenatal genetic diagnosis, pelvic ultrasound scan, cytogenetic analysis, hysteroscopy, and endometrial biopsies to evaluate the cause of recurrent pregnancy loss and provide appropriate treatment.

Why Choose Arias Hospital for your obstetric care?

Being a mother on her own is a beautiful journey and you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. We help you nurture your dreams and bring them into reality. We help you in every in your every step towards motherhood. Our dedicated and highly experienced obstetricians are the experts in handling all aspects of childbirth. We provide you exceptional services with the (blend of) most advanced technology & highly skilled doctors to make this experience memorable and most exciting for you. It will be our privilege if you give us this opportunity to be a part of your beautiful journey.

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We help create a care plan that addresses your specific condition and we are here to answer all of your questions & acknowledge your concerns. Today the hospital is recognised as a world renowned institution, not only providing outstanding care and treatment, but improving the outcomes.

During a period of pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of changes as you are developing a new life. In order to give birth to a healthy child, being healthy is very important. Hence, pregnancy care is of utmost importance to ensure the health of your baby and you. It helps your stay on track, assures the healthy development of your fetus, optimizes your health through early detection of any disease with a regular clinical examination at every follow-up, plans intake of proper nutrition and supplements to ensure appropriate weight gain, and encourage necessary physical activity and exercises.
A visit to an obstetrician is quite essential at the time of your pregnancy. It is advised to see your obstetrician every month from the 8th to 28th week of your pregnancy and then you should meet your obstetrician every 15 days till the 36th week. After the 36th week, make a visit once every week until delivery. However, the recommended number of visits can increase, in case you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy or are facing other risk factors at the time of your pregnancy.
We perform your ultrasound during your first prenatal visit, then during the 21st and 22nd week of your pregnancy to conduct a full anatomic survey of your baby.
Following is the ideal timetable we follow
➣ 1st scan: Early pregnancy/Viability scan at 6 weeks
➣ 2nd scan: NT scan at 11 to 13 weeks
➣ 3rd scan: Anomaly Scan at 18 to 19/20 weeks.
➣ 4th scan: Fetal 2D ECHO scan at 23 to 24 weeks (optional)
➣ 5th scan: growth scan at 32 to 36 weeks.
➣ 6th scan: Doppler as & when required.

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