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Pre-marriage Counseling

We conduct various pre-marriage counseling sessions and tests to help couples establish a strong and healthy relationship after their marriage.

We discuss every key parameter involved in a marriage that prepares soon-to-be-married couples for their life ahead in terms of both mental and physical needs.

We also encourage couples to go through a number of pre-marital tests in order to prevent the spread of any infections and promote a healthy married life.

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Pre-marriage counseling is a therapy carried out on ‘to-be-married’ couples in order to prepare them mentally for a long and healthy marriage. It helps each individual consider and communicate their thoughts regarding various topics such as beliefs, values, affection, sex, anger issues, roles, and finances before they tie the knot.

Marriage is an important life-changing event that involves many aspects that people are not even aware of until they experience it. Both men and women are different in their way of thinking and perceiving things. Even their physical, emotional, and sexual needs are different. With pre-marriage counseling sessions, couples can understand and respect these differences as well as expectations, thus paving the way to improve their relationship before marriage. This area also identifies each individual’s state of health through pre-marital checkups, hence, preventing the transfer of any infectious, transmissible, or genetic diseases lead a happy married life ahead. Hence, these sessions are recommended to all couples and not only the ones who feel they are struggling

Benefits of Premarital Counseling Sessions

Apart from identifying the core beliefs, setting realistic expectations, planning the future, and deciding the ways to merge two lives, there are several benefits that pre-marriage counseling sessions can offer. 

Communication is the core part of any healthy relationship. But it can be difficult for some individuals. Pre-marriage counseling can help develop your communication skills and communicate your needs effectively to your partner. You also learn to convey their positions clearly with respect.

Along with good communication, understanding, and affection, sexual intimacy also plays an important role in leading a happy married life. For which it is crucial to maintain good sexual health. A pre-marital counselor can recommend you to go through a number of checkups to ensure the present health status of both individuals in order to alleviate the risk of transmitting any infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B, or STD or any communicable disorder like tuberculosis.

Sometimes a little debate cam little big arguments, but with constructive discussions, they can be avoided. You gradually develop problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills with pre-marital counseling.

Different individuals have different goals in their life and completely different views on having children. Pre-marital counseling sessions offer you a space for openness that enables you to discuss the issues that you might have avoided bringing up in order to avoid more difficult conversations.

A good decision-making process is essential to avoid conflicts and pre-marital counseling helps you with the same. You and your partner both develop a healthy and equitable decision-making process that allows you both to be on the path.

Every aspect existing in this universe has a positive as well as a negative side. This same is applicable to your relationships as well. Pre-marital counseling teaches you to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship and neglect the negative areas. This helps you adore and admire your partner more, thus strengthening the bond between both.

Like peaks and valleys, every relationship has ups and downs. If you assume that, you would never need to compromise, you are already running on the wrong path. Hence, before getting tied in a marital bond, you should probably know how it works. Every individual has different life expectations that may not always match with your imagination of a perfect married life. However, being able to share your thoughts about marriage and knowing are your partner’s thoughts about the same, helps you discover what should you be expecting from this marriage.

You probably keep your relationship a priority by committing to pre-marital counseling and the good news is, this is the first step to building a solid foundation. It helps you stay connected even if things are not going well. Let us understand this with an example of a house. Suppose you are really working on making your home look lavish by decorating both its interior and exterior. But what if the foundation of your home was not laid correctly it will surely crash down into a heap of cement and trash, one day. All your efforts will go in vain, isn’t it? The same goes in the case of relationships. If you don’t have a good understanding, communication, and a strong bond from the first, it will end in your low times. Pre-marriage counseling helps you strengthen this foundation in an early stage.

Why Choose Arias Hospital for your pre-marriage counseling sessions?

At Arias Hospital, we give each partner a chance to showcase their ideal marriage concept and discuss any issues they may face. Our therapists and counselors help them identify the resources to cope with these challenges both as individuals and as a couple. We also conduct a number of health checkups to identify and treat any signs of sexually or orally transmissible diseases in order to help couples enjoy their married life and plan to start a family without any stress.

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We help create a care plan that addresses your specific condition and we are here to answer all of your questions & acknowledge your concerns. Today the hospital is recognised as a world renowned institution, not only providing outstanding care and treatment, but improving the outcomes.

Arias Hospital is a gynecology and obstetrics healthcare center dedicated to the wellness of women in order to enable them to live a healthy life and enjoy the journey of womanhood. Our pre-marriage counseling sessions are designed in the same effort and with the same aim.
Yes, in a world where the infertility rate is rising due to the present lifestyle, getting a pre-marital checkup is a must to identify the abnormalities that can affect fertility and thus address them early.
We suggest and conduct HIV tests, ovary tests, infertility tests, genetic tests, STD tests, blood group compatibility tests, and blood disorder tests.

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