Obstetrics High Dependency Unit


When faced with a high-risk pregnancy you need the best obstetric care possible. In our Obstetrics High Dependency Unit that is what you will experience. Our HDU is manned by highly qualified physicians with extensive experience delivering life-saving emergency obstetric care. Our physicians and anesthesiologists are highly skilled in delivering lifesaving emergency care when you need it most. Our obstetricians will ensure that you are admitted into our HDU and receive the best, most comprehensive care in order to lead you to a safe delivery and post-partum experience. Every woman wants to have an easy pregnancy, but sometimes that dream just isn’t possible. If you find yourself in need of high-risk pregnancy care, allow our world-class physicians at Arias to deliver evidence-based interventions in emergency obstetric care that will lead to a safe delivery and beyond.

Our Aim:


The following is an ongoing, prospective, descriptive, clinical study undertaken at a tertiary care, multispecialty hospital to reduce the maternal, perinatal morbidity at Arias Hospital:


  • To ensure our multi-specialty health care personnel will deliver emergency care to critically ill pregnant women at our High Dependency Unit.
  • To assess the HDU utilization rates by predicting factors for maternal super specialty/IU care transfers.
  • To assess the Impact of HDU care on perinatal outcome regarding birth weight, Gest. Age, neonatal intubations, NICU transfer for sepsis, MAS, Birth Asphyxia, Need for Mechanical ventilation and Perinatal Mortality.
  • To evaluate the Utilization of HDU as a step-down ICU among critically ill High risk, pregnant women.
  • To analyze the preventable causes of Maternal mortality, and to encourage bonding and initiate early Breast feeding by neonatal bedding-in practices among women in the HDU.

Modular Operation Theatre

Modular Operation Theatre

Safety and cleanliness are important measures when considering a Modular Operation Theatre, also known as Modular OT. Our Modular OT is equipped with state-of-the-art systems to provide the safest, cleanest facility always. With specialized ceilings, slanted panels and walls, our high availability and workability offer enough functions that ensure there will be an introduction of a new facility in the future. All necessary functions and equipment are available when needed, including electrical and medical gas systems as well as lighting gear and other equipment.



  • A filtration system that ensures a constant flow of bacteria-free air is reticulated below positive pressure into the working field and air pollutants produced during surgery are removed from the site.
  • Operation Theater with anti-bacterial paint has minimum durability rating of 15 years.
  • Our Modular OT is easy to pure steam clean, and is electro metric (ideal for high humidity areas)
  • Vapor permeability (allows substrate moisture to escape) protects against growth of mold, bacteria and yeasts.
  • Thaw resistance / freeze, moisture resistance.

Advanced Labor Room

Advanced Labor Room

At Arias, our labor and delivery rooms are mindfully decorated to make you feel at home while also providing equipment that will allow you to remain in the same room throughout labor, delivery and recovery. Our specialized equipment is designed to be out of sight when not needed, yet easily accessed when necessary. Our comfortable beds are fully adjustable to allow you to labor, deliver and recover without ever changing rooms.



  • Comfortable adjustable beds
  • Home like décor
  • State of the art equipment
  • Plenty of room for family and friends to visit and welcome your new bundle of joy.

Out-patient Complex

Out Patient Complex

Our premier out-patient complex provides same-day appointments with our highly experienced physicians in a compassionate and caring atmosphere. From pre-adolescence through post-menopause, our healthcare experts are here to provide women the most comprehensive medical care available. Whether you are seeking routine pregnancy care, or treatment for a more serious condition, Arias will provide care, information and education to allow you to make informed decisions concerning your reproductive health.



  • Same day appointments
  • Highly qualified physicians
  • Compassionate, caring atmosphere
  • Informed care


Arias Hospital - Nashik's Best Gynecological Service - Lab

The convenience of our on-site lab makes waiting for test results less stressful. No more waiting for results to be returned from a lab across town, our facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art lab and technicians to provide trusted results in less time.


pharmacy shelf

Having your physician and your pharmacist in the same place makes filling your prescriptions more convenient. Have our knowledgeable pharmacists fill your prescriptions while you wait.


ultrasound (1)

No more traveling to have your ultrasound performed, now you can have your ultrasound scans done at Arias. Our ultrasound technicians are equipped with the latest equipment and experienced in sonography techniques that will help detect problems in order to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy. Just another service we provide in order to meet all your reproductive healthcare needs.