Labor Analgesia

Arias Hospital - Best Gynecological Services in Nashik - Labour Analgesia

At Arias we want you to be as comfortable as possible during labor, that’s why we use regional analgesia as our most common method of pain relief. Popular in the United States, epidural and spinal analgesia deliver rapid pain relief through a spinal regional block. An epidural analgesia involves placing a catheter into the epidural space, where the patient receives a continuous infusion or multiple injections of local anesthetic. Spinal injections typically involve the delivery of a single injection into the intrathecal space. A walking epidural is also available which combines both the speedy pain relief from the spinal regional block along with the consistent effects of an epidural block. As with any medical procedure, complications may arise, however they are uncommon. Some complications may include post-dural puncture headache. Although here at Arias we take every precaution, rarely some serious complications may arise including/ neurologic injury, epidural hematoma, or deep epidural infection. The use of regional analgesia also increases the risk of instrument-assisted vaginal delivery. There are many other options for pain management during labor including; the use of a doula, systemic opioid analgesia, pudendal blocks, water immersion, sterile water injections into the lumbosacral spine, self-taught hypnosis, and acupuncture.